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That maverick scum is trying to emotionally devastate
us to gain time for his plan, we can't let him.
— Zero about Saturn,Hunter's Call
Zero as he appears
in Mega Man X: Unit 49.
Comic Information
First Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Personal Information
Alternate Name DWN-∞
Birthplace: Dr. Wily's Laboratory
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Age 150+
Height: ~174cm
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: Z-Saber
Secondary Weapons: Z-Buster (?);
Learning System;
Time Disabler
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Special 0 Unit
Maverick Hunters;
17th Elite Unit;
49th Special Pursuit Squad 8
Rank: SA-Class Hunter
Allies: X;
Maverick Hunters
Enemies: Maverick Forces

Zero's Sprite

Zero is one of the protagonists of the Mega Man X series, and thus of Mega Man X: Unit 49. He is the ultimate masterpiece of Doctor Albert W. Wily, finished somewhere in the 21th century, as the sucessor of Bass. He fights alongside Mega Man X to put an end to the Maverick Wars and fulfill the wishes of his friend.


Zero always kept his feelings inside, remaining cold even with X and Axl most of the time. Although he's outwardly emotionless in most of time, he is capable of care for the others, which explains why he tends to make sacrifices for the sake of the people he believe in. Zero doesn't have any problems in fighting to achieve the dream of peace he shares with his friend, unlike X that would prefer to achive that in a more pacific way. 

Despite having a great power and sacrificing himself for the others, he doesn't view himself as a hero nor a superior reploid, thinking this person is actually X.

The incidents in the beginning of the comic series and the progressing Great Neo Maverick War are making Zero more easily irritable, as he loathes how Saturn and his allies are trying to hurt his friends psychologically and pointlessly extend the wars once again. Knowing that things will get worse, he wants to wipe out the Neo Maverick Army as soon as possible and does not tolerate any runarounds during his missions.


From 20XX to 219XEdit

To see Zero's origin and history through the Maverick Wars, check MMKB's article about Zero.

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After Jakob's IncidentEdit

After defeating Sigma and Lumine with the Maverick Hunters X and Axl, Zero is hunting down the remaining problematic Mavericks before taking the next step to peace and safety of the world. In one of their missions, three identical mysterious reploids appeared in a city nearby the 17th Unit Base, X and Zero went to the chase with the Operators' assistance. Zero manages to hit one of them, the plasma shot made the Maverick's cloak burn, taking advantage of the inertia, the Maverick threw his burning cape on Zero along with his Ride Chaser, escaping but revealing his image.

Alia detects a huge energy reading approaching the Base, Zero doesn't think it twice and rushes to X's bike, heading the fastest possible to the 17th Unit. Reaching there, Zero is surprised for seeing the huge Reploid, and the headquarters already in flames. Zero tries to cut the Maverick Leader when he's withdrawing. 

Zero gets furious for a brief moment when X gave him news about his colleagues, punching the wall. Soon, he realizes that the Maverick Leader is just trying to emotionally devastate them to gain time for his plans, and says to Captain Elika not humilhate himself for not being able to hunt down Saturn after a decade, since he's elite business, accepting the invite to join the 49th Unit.

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