The Traiblazer was a space station orbiting one of the Lagrange points since 20XX. It was founded by an enigmatic magnate whose only objective was to see how far science could reach. The reason why he wanted to make such ambitious project outside Earth was simple: to avoid being inspected by Earth's laws.



The space station Trailblazer.

In the beginning, only a few scientists were brought to make their experiments there, but the mystery surrounding the place soon attracted several curious and wise brains who wanted to go off the boundaries, thus the Trailblazer society grew through the decades.

There was but one rule: the experiments needed to guarantee the integrity of the space station. Avoiding that, many things that would never be explored on Earth have been researched. There was no barrier, no morality. The scientists from the Trailblazer managed to create organic robots and even quasi-sentient nanomachines, according to Dr. Seigen, who travelled back to Earth to treat a severe illness six months before the station was destroyed. 

The tragedyEdit


Cosmos and Omicron.

, a powerful being whose origins are unknown, used to help capturing exotic asteroids, until one day it used its powers to crumble the station. Before the collapse, some of the creations of the Trailblazer were sent to Earth inside escape pods, but somehow Cosmos managed to disturb the trajectories of most of them, causing most of them to never be seen again. Some may have crashed on the Moon or set to be stray in the space. Dr. Seigen lost all his colleagues and his masterpiece, Omicron. Seigen told Dr. Henry Snacman that the material he used for his unique capability came from the outer space, probably from one of the exotic meteoroids, so it was impossible for him to ever try building him again.

That story is only known by a few people and influenced heavily on Seigen's politics after he became the director of the Research and Development of Reploids Bureau.


  • Saturn says Paragos 0 is the one who will trail the path as a reference to the Trailblazer.

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