Signas as he appears
in Mega Man X8.
Comic Information
First Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Last Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Personal Information
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Age 10+
Eye Color: Blue
Combat Information
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Maverick Hunters
Position: Leader
Allies: Maverick Hunters
Earth's Government
Planet Earth
Enemies: Maverick Forces

Signas is a non-combat reploid created with the most precise CPU, making him a tactical genius and probably the most intelligent of the reploids of his time.

After the end of the Great Repliforce War, the former leader of the Maverick Hunters decided to retire, leaving the Maverick Hunters without a leader. Signas was chosen to substitute Cain, since he was trusted by the organization for always being capable of taking the right decisions, and being calm in the most extreme situations.


Signas handles the most diverse situations professionally, never letting him being taken by his emotions. He's also the one who tries to cool down X when he is overreacting.


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Maverick SpringEdit

With only Zero and low class Maverick Hunters in combat, the rise of the Maverick crimes couldn't be handled. To ease the situation, Signas started to recruit anyone who was able and disposed to help the organization, creating new battalions named Special Pursuit Squads, as the 49th Unit being one of them.

After the Jakob's IncidentEdit

Signas is in his commander room when the Operation Doomsday begins. Saturn invades the place and talks with him, aiming his hand on Signas' head. Signas tried to calm the Maverick, even calling him by his serial number. It was useless, Saturn says that he have something that delights him, and if Signas wouldn't mind borrowing it. What happened to Signas after this is unknown.

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