Raika as he appears in Mega Man X: Unit 49
Comic Information
First Appearance The Sewers
Last Appearance The Sewers
Personal Information
Gender: Reploid
Height: 188cm
Hair Color: Bluish Green
Eye Color: Blue
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: P-Sniper
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: 13th Polar Region Unit
Position: Leader

Raika's Sprite.

Raika is a minor character in Mega Man X: Unit 49. He is the responsible for the 13th Polar Region Unit of the Maverick Hunters, replacing the deceased Chill Penguin. Raika is a Reploid counterpart for SearchMan.EXE's NetOP, with the same name.

He is a skilled sniper who acts in the polar regions, and uses his quick thinking to analyze the situations and usually comes with the best ideas, and has a talent to find errors in others' plans, as he did in The Sewers after hearing Captain Elika's plan of gathering all the Maverick Hunters in the same base, the 49th Unit, since it would only entice the Neo Maverick Army to repeat what they did in Operation Doomsday.

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