RaDoRB or Research and Development of Reploids Bureau (or simply Reploid Research Center)  is the world's main organization that studies, develops new technologies and enhances the upcoming generations of Reploids through the entire X series. It plays an important role in the society and influenced history in many ways in its first decades.

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Early 2170'sEdit

A few weeks after the first Reploids came into being, the Council created the first official research institute known as RaDoRB to go further with the scientific revolution brought by Dr. Cain and produce knowledge and new technologies. The man appointed to be the chief director was Dr. Seigen.


Dr. Rubix discovered that Dr. Doppler's vaccine would lose its effect soon because the Sigma Virus could perform "genetic mutation" on itself like a biological virus.


Before becoming an Operator of the Maverick Hunters, Alia was a member of a researcher team from RaDoRB, along with Gate, who was a prodigy fascinated with Mega Man X and Zero's DNA program and the unbelievable complexity of their bodies. Gate created eight Reploids with a structure unknown to other scientists. Their potential that received great approval and soon they started being used for many purposes. Some of his colleagues became jealous and began conspiring against him.

During Berserk, it was revealed that Gate was going out of the limitations imposed by Director Seigen's and was not seen with good eyes by him. Fearing Gate would eventually become a threat and cause severe problems for him and the RaDoRB, Seigen took advantage of the envy from Gate's colleagues to issue official orders to sabotage and dispose of his creations. At least one of them was labelled as Maverick, staining Gate's image and giving a reason to Seigen revoke his researcher title and ban him from RaDoRB. Later, that criminal move would cause the events of Mega Man X6.


One year after the fall of the space colony Eurasia, the London sector of RaDoRB moved its office to an underground headquarters. The new government started to pressure the RaDoRB to produce new technologies to hasten Earth's recovery and retake control over Maverick domains, thus the molecular scientists received the task of producing a substance that would allow a new kind of Reploids to shift their shapes and perform several functions.


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One of RaDoRB's researchers sees forbidden data about Gate.

As Earth's situation was no longer critical, Director Seigen and the London officials decided to re-establish the activities in the surface headquarters. During the move to the surface, the external security was reinforced, while the internal security was lowered so the employees could transit more freely. The security could not expect that one of the members of the organization would sneak in to the room with one of the main computers and access a terminal with confidential information. The traitor stole many restricted data using an acess key stolen from Seigen, for that reason the suspects could only be those who were Seigen's apprentices.

The traitor was revealed to be Saturn, who deserted after learning the truth about Seigen's past and all the crimes he commited against those who were seen as dangerous for the organization, such as Gate. Using the construction plan of the facility, Saturn could get to Inspector Niels, who always picked on him and also knew the truth. Seigen appeared to listen to Saturn's reasons, but the dialogue ended disastrously with both Seigen and Niels dead.


Four months after Saturn's betrayal, he started to leak all the data he stole from RaDoRB to criminals, granting them knowledge about forbidden technologies that once had been hidden by Seigen. Rumors about the crimes commited by employees and senior officers under Seigen's orders became widespread, and soon Saturn made proofs about those rumors pop out of nowhere, just to stain the reputation of RaDoRB definitely.

The Council required more transparency from the internal administrative procedures while the new director appointed by them emphasized the projects demanded by the government, including the long-term research of the molecular scientist on the Amorphic Matter Later on that year, the scientists would perform the first successfull A-Trans.

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Late 2180's, Copy Chips and the New GenerationEdit

The fabrication of New Generation Reploids was widely demanded for Earth's Government project of building colonies on the Moon.

Sigma somehow managed to infiltrate the project and plant his DNA program in the copy chips pressets, thus his data was inserted in the most updated New Gen Reploids (nearly all of them). Later in the 2190's, it was revealed that such thing could be very grave, as the events of Mega Man X8 show, thus the RaDoRB and the factories halted the copy chip production.