This body protected me from every kind of pain 
through these years. Except... the pain of losing him.

— Platina, The 49th Unit
Platina as she appears
in Mega Man X: Unit 49.
Comic Information
First Appearance The 49th Unit
Personal Information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age 32
Height: 161 cm
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Light blue
Spouse(s): Dr. Henry Snacman
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: P Gun
Secondary Weapons: Expanding Weapon Kit
Equipment: Standard Combat Suit
Heavy Engage Suit
Valiant Frontline Suit
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Maverick Hunters
49th Special Pursuit Squad 8
Rank: B-Class Hunter
Enemies: Saturn

Platina's Sprite

Platina Rømer Angström is a member of the 49th Special Pursuit Squad 8 and plays a secondary role in Mega Man X: Unit 49. She is the only human Maverick Hunter and widow of Dr. Henry Snacman, the scientist who gave her bionic parts after she lost her limbs in a Maverick attack.


Platina's body is divided in two parts: human and bionic. She has the body of a mature woman, with a very long and messy blond hair. It is rare to see Platina smiling, meaning her facial expression will usually show seriousness, sadness or anger.

Her bionic limbs are grey, some parts more reddish. There are a lot of bright red crystals through her body, and two counters in each arm, probably pointing the remaining time for the next maintenance or energy recharge. In fact, the lack of human semblance on her prostheses are because she is using combat models made for military purposes.

In the Standard set, Platina wears blue armor with resistant clothing below, and also a tiara hides a visor, giving her an array of vision and radar options, plus her Expanding Weapon Kit attached to her waist. The Heavy Engage Suit and the Valiant Frontline Suit share common aspects, although the former is more bulky. The latter has a helmet with oxigen tubes that allow Platina to pass through hazardous areas.


Since the day her husband died on her arms, she became depressed and unable to find happiness in life. What remained of her cheerful days lies in a deep valley of agony and past traumas, and trying to touch something related to that may be just a mean to torture her.

Her deep resentment at those who commit evil on their own will makes her a cold avenger who does not show mercy for her enemies. She believes she should not give a second chance for those who did not gave a second chance to their victims, so there is no reason to hesitate in pulling the trigger. Platina fears that her traumas may happen once again and fights to prevent that and also protect other people from suffering the same she did. A victory may kindle the fire on her heart once again, but a defeat also brings the opposite. She still feels empathy for the people and tends to feel bad when she sees someone suffering. She shares the frustration of Captain Elika and recognizes that, even with his many failures, he is trying his best and so she is grateful for his work.

She feels different from the rest of the mankind not only for having bionic parts, but also for living secluded in the 49th Unit base, though she understands that this is a price she must pay to fight for justice. Since she does not socialize oftenly, Platina does not care too much about her own look.

Although Encore is not her biological son, he is the living legacy of her husband and also carry many semblances of him. She feels affection for the boy and wants to take the risks in his place, even though the Reploid was meant to protect her and not the opposite.


Platina was born in 2160 in Stockholm, the capital of the Scandinavian Alliance. She always liked to live in the motion and feel the adrenaline, and she became a fighter apprentice. The name Platina comes from platinum, meaning "a very precious metal".

In 2177, Platina was 17 years old and decided to leave the calmness of her homeland to experience the motion of the populous metropolis of London. However, she suffered a car accident caused by a stray laser shot during a battle between the Maverick Hunters and the Repliforce when she was crossing an avenue in the Cambridge District. Part of her arms and legs were presumably melted and she was nearly dead. Dr. Henry Snacman and his assistant Ardie saw her car running into the blast and saved her. Henry got authorization from her family to test his prosthesis technology on her and, two weeks after that, she woke up in a hospital. Henry appeared to introduce himself and talk with her, and, although she felt a little unethical from his part taking a test subject that vulnerable, she liked the result. 

In 2178, the space colony Eurasia fell on Earth, leaving the surface devastated. Henry was performing the maintenance of Platina's prostheses and the two got stuck in his place. Before they could get out and find survivors and supplies, the two helped each other to survive and became emotionally involved. In the following months, Platina would teach Henry self-defense moves after her maintenance sessions.

On July 16th of 2180, Platina and Henry got married and they started living together.

Saturn, Henry's ex-assistant and RaDoRB researcher who went berserk in 2182 was supposedly killed in 2186, but reappeared with a new body in 2188 and ambushed the 49th Unit, formed to chase him and his War Machines, Paragos 0, Knight and Suction, killing two of its members. Saturn wanted a meteorite with exotic gems that Henry found in the same time he rescued Platina for him, and this time there was nothing preventing him from coming and attacking their house.


From left to right: Standard Combat Suit, Valiant Frontline Suit, Heavy Engage Suit.

Platina started to worry about her husband and his project and insisted that Henry should make a combat armor for her. After several days of effort, he finished a trio of suits. He used a technology derived from the Amorphic Matter to create the compact weapons for her. Although Platina was pleased with the result, she asked Henry to replace her artificial limbs with the powerful combat models, made only for military purposes. Since they had no human semblance, Henry wanted to decline her request, but Platina made him notice that she only wanted to become stronger and protect the most precious thing in her life. After that, she started a training with her new armors that would last around two months.

Recommended reading: Ineluctable Demise.

On August 25th of 2188, Saturn came after Henry as they had presumed, and she hurried to notify the 49th Unit and equip the Valiant Frontline Suit while Henry was holding him. The Valiant was the most powerful of her combat suits, but it would start to overheat after a certain time of combat. Even aware of that risk, she went to face Saturn. Soon she realized that none of them would be able to defeat Saturn alone, but their teamwork could divert his focus and open several breaches. Saturn's armor could regenerate from heat damage, and so she tried using her footsabers to cut him, but that required approaching and becoming vulnerable. She took a fire blast from him and was stunned for a brief time, although she did not get very hurt. When Saturn had the chance of finishing the couple at the same time, Platina threw one of her amorphic matter packs in Saturn's cannon and realized he could not stop the attack after he had send the hand signal for the green particles, so the fastest way to defeat him was destroying his arms.

Eventually, she managed to hit Saturn in the back with her Empyreal Javelins and bring him to the ground. Before she could finish him, Saturn ignited the vast mist of particles he had created and she hugged Henry to protect him from the flames, taking him away. She was not hurt by the attack, but the flames combined with the internal heat were starting to make her sick. With her ammo exhausted, Platina used the last resource of the Valiant: the Critical Bravery Mode - the armor would burn all of its remaining fuel at once to grant her extreme speed and emanate energy blades from the crystals in her arms. With a violent sequence of attacks, one of Saturn's arms was destroyed... but he revealed himself to be a freak worse than Platina could ever imagine. Saturn's armor was just a shell to a hidden crystal body, and the particles could mold themselves without his consent. Without any energy left, Platina had no option but to run and get hit by Saturn.

Henry dies at the same time Captain Elika reaches the place, unable to save him.

Saturn recognized that she fought well, even though she had to surrender to Reploid technology to match a Reploid in combat. When he was about to kill her, Henry jumped in front and took the hit in her place. On the verge of death, Henry remembered that once he saved Ardie once and later Ardie delayed his demise by giving his own life to protect him, and that time Henry received was over. To make Saturn frustrated, Henry lied that he destroyed all the samples and data about the Encorium reactor so Saturn would not be able to discover anything, this way, even stealing the encorium ore, Saturn would spend a long time trying to find a way to create the perfect reactor, time enough to someone come and stop him. Since Henry also saved Platina, she believed that she was supposed to die in his place, but Henry said that, by doing that, he granted her and the whole world more time to feel the joy of living. It was up to her to take that time and extend it to everyone. Henry died in her arms, without being able to say the name of their son.

Days later, Platina unsealed Henry laboratory and activated a Reploid that was hidden there, and she did not know that he was bearing the perfect encorium reactor. Without knowing his name, she named him with his creator's surname, Snacman. In fact, the Reploid boy was named Encore and was meant to be their son and protector. Later, she would move to the 49th Unit base with Encore and start their training as Maverick Hunters. She also took all the data from Henry's computer and sealed it in a room inside the base's R&D Laboratory.

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