Paragos' Sprite
Comic Information
First Appearance Loop of Meanings
Personal Information
Alternate Name SWM 00 Paragos 0
The Eternal Prototype
Birthplace: RaDoRB
Species: Reploid
Gender: Undefined
Age 14 years
Status Alive
Eye Color: Yellow
Creator: Saturn
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: P-Bladester
Ammo/Energy Source: Encorium
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Saturn War Machines

Paragos 0 is the first of the Saturn War Machine Numbers of the ex-scientist from RaDoRB and Neo Maverick leader Saturn.


After analyzing data about the Maverick Hunter Zero, Saturn became amazed and had a dream of creating a Reploid that could be endlessly upgraded aiming perfection, which would serve as an example of evolution to all Reploids, a being that could bring the potential of all robots to another level as long as they followed his advances. It would carry the literal meaning of Mega Man X's Unlimited Evolutionary Potential. Such being would be called Paragos.

At first, Paragos was meant to be a Reploid that could match the power of Zero, but all the blueprints designed by Saturn showed flaws and pointed that a large amount of energy was required for that to work - for that reason, Paragos was unfinished and defective. Years later, Saturn made him more stable to use him in combat until he could get Dr. Henry Snacman's encorium ore, a meteorite that had highly phosphorescent gems able to absorb enormous quantities of energy and a key to make Paragos possible.

In August 2188, Saturn managed to steal the ore from Henry's place and started his long research to build the perfect Encorium Reactor. It was the necessary piece to complete Paragos' body. However, it took 11 years for Henry to realize how to make a stable reactor, and Saturn did not even know that Henry did succeeded in doing that by building Encore. It is not known if Saturn could make any progress with the tricky material nor the status of Paragos.

In Pawns of Sacrifice, Saturn says that the Amorphic Matter used in the New Generation Reploids was an interesting way of making Paragos possible. Baronel has shown that a special kind of New Gen Reploid like him can change their DNA Program as they please.