Pallette as she appears in Mega Man X8.
Comic Information
First Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Last Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Personal Information
Species: Reploid
Gender: Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Light Blue
Combat Information
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Maverick Hunters
17th Elite Unit
Position: Navigator
Allies: Maverick Hunters
Enemies: Maverick Forces

Pallette is one of the three Navigators since Mega Man X8. Pallette is specialized in route analysis and is a skilled cartographer, excelling at finding hidden areas or structural irregularities. Alternatively, she runs the Hunters R&D lab. Pallette seems to be the most optimistic of the Navigators, and usually speaks cheerly. She can easily get angry, specially when ignored. Pallette also tease her colleague Layer about her crush on Zero some times during Mega Man X8.

Pallette is seen in the background behind Alia in Prologue: Doomsday, she doesn't make a direct appearance though. After the Operation Doomsday, she's couldn't escape to the underground shelter and was trapped with Layer in the wreckage, being severely damaged.

Pallette didn't make any appearance since then.

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