Mysterious Man as he appears
in Mega Man X: Unit 49.
Comic Information
First Appearance Parade
Personal Information
Species:  ???
Gender:  ???
Age  ???
Eye Color: Green
Combat Information
Energy Manipulation: Green Energy?
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Neo Maverick Army
Position:  ???
Allies: Saturn

Mysterious Man's Sprite, unmasked

The Mysterious Man is a character with brief appearances in Mega Man X: Unit 49. He wanders with Saturn in his underground laboratory, discussing the plans of the Neo Maverick Army. It seems he bears the same green matter of Saturn.


The Mysterious Man contrasts Saturn's impression of joke and stays serious in every situation. Actually, he tends to rebuke Saturn's exaggerated and risky acts, as if a single mistake would throw away the chances of having his plan succeeding.

Nobody gets his trust with ease, as he gives everything a suspicious look and keeps questioning things that aren't totally clear for him. For unknown reasons, he repudiates any kind of treachery and thinks that Kerbekeros is not a reliable person after what he did with Kran in the Mantra project, and might try to take over the Neo Maverick Army at any moment. 

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