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This is X, reporting in!
Mega Man X
X as he appears
in Mega Man X: Unit 49.
Comic Information
First Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Last Appearance Factory Problems
Personal Information
Birthplace: Dr. Light's Laboratory
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Age 150+
~30 (A.I.)
Height: 160cm
Weight: 57kg
Hair Color: Brown (?)
Eye Color: Green
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: X-Buster
Secondary Weapons: Variable Weapon System;
Unlimited Evolutionary Potential;
Time Disabler
Energy Manipulation: Solar Energy
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Maverick Hunters;
17th Elite Unit;
49th Special Pursuit Squad 8
Rank: S-Class Hunter
Allies: Maverick Hunters;
Earth's Government;
Planet Earth
Enemies: Maverick Forces

X's Sprite

Mega Man X, or commonly called "X", is the main protagonist of the Mega Man X series, and thus of Mega Man X: Unit 49. X was created by Dr. Thomas Light in the year of 20XX as the successor of the original Mega Man. He fights for justice and a world were humans and Reploids can live together peacefully.


While X is a pacifist that tries to solve things through dialogue, his willpower makes him able to fight anyone who's not cooperating with his quest for peace or is threatening peace itself, and hasn't any tolerance for injustice.

However, after almost 20 years of war, X is mentally tired of fighting. Instead of retiring like the last time (which was one of the main factors for the Maverick Spring), X can still find a motivation to put all his strenghts to end the Maverick Wars as soon as possible, now that things should be concluded easier since his archenemy Sigma has fallen.

X cares for all mankind and Reploids, specially those who aree victims of the wars and for his battle confreres who've fought alongside him through the long years of warfare, giving a special care to Zero, whom he regard as his best friend.

The succession of tragedies in the beginning of the comic series affected all the Hunters psychologically and apparently strengthened the bonds between the survivors, specially X and his Navigator, Alia. While she apparently got passionate for him, X seems to only be wanting to protect her and his friends. It's unclear if it's an unrequited feeling.

As noted by Kran, X fears to make a move that could cause pain to mankind, yet he wants to preserve his own existence. In a fight like the duel featured in Shattered Shine, a wrong timing could cause a catastrophe, thereby X hesitates to attack and lets himself get beaten until there's a chance to defeat his enemies without great harm. X would fall in a dilemma if he had to choose between saving himself and possibly causing pain or letting his enemy win so there wouldn't be a risk. In cases like that, he would have to consider long term situations where the lack of his presence would allow bigger damages to all the mankind and not only a minor group, a decision that would be in agreement to the Zeroth Law of Robotics


Unlimited Evolutionary PotentialEdit

A mysterious mechanism that may affect X's entire body, that allows him to adapt himself as time goes by, granting him new functions (like the dash), mostly based in the data of armors and, rarely, weapons. 

In very desperate situations, X seems to be able to unleash a shining and powerful aura on his hands from a unknown sources, without his own consent. So long, it only happened twice.

Variable Weapon SystemEdit

The VWS is the a special feature of the X-Buster that allows X to copy the abilities of some Reploids after fighting them, by getting their DNA data

Time DisablerEdit

The Time Disabler is an ability developed by X and Zero using traces left by Dark Hold, activated with exceeding energy or vital energy, in extreme cases. Releasing the attack from their crystals, the energy wave disables all the weaker machines nearby, as if time had stopped, while the rest goes to their weapons, expanding the range of the Z-Saber and granting X a power boost that turns his charged shot in a powerful energy wave. 


Early 21th CenturyEdit

Buried in Light's Laboratory for more than 100 years, X's capsule was found by Cain in the early April 13th, AD 21XX. After an undetermined time of analysis, Dr.Cain managed to create similar robots that were named Reploids as an attempt to replicate X's internal architeture, the first of them being Sigma.

Maverick Wars eraEdit

As time passed, the first Irregulars appeared. The Earth's Council formed the Maverick Hunters, Dr.Cain as being its first leader, pointed Sigma to command the first battalion, and this is were the story begins.

Check all the Timeline from 21XX to 219X (Mega Man X8) in MMKB's article about the Mega Man X series.

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Maverick SpringEdit

A flashback of X in The 49th Unit shows him talking with a Maverick of that time. X doesn't convince the Maverick to solve his problems in a peaceful way, since he couldn't give him what he wanted.

After Jakob's IncidentEdit

Sigma is gone for good, and now is the right time to finally lead the world to peace. Before this, X remembers that Mavericks are still in every part of the world, and it's duty of the Maverick Hunters take care of them (An image in Prologue: Doomsday shows Dynamo, indicating that he could be one of them).

A short time after this, X and Zero are chasing three mysterious Reploids in a city nearby the 17th Unit base, but they manage to trick the Hunters and escape. While this, a strong jamming cuts the communication between the Navigators and the Hunters, and they have to rush to the base. Reaching there, a Maverick shows up with a partner holding Axl, and tries to demoralize the Hunters while a giant Reploid destroys their base. X remembers Axl talking to him to not get caught in his enemy's speech, and shoots him. After the Doomsday, X, Zero and Alia reunite at what remained of the 17th Unit and receive Captain Elika's invite to join the 49th Special Pursuit Squad 8

The events involving X during the Great Neo Maverick War are described in details in the Chapters section.

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