Keros-Luthier Number 001 Mantra is a joint project made by the outlaw inventor Kran and the nefarious inventor Kerbekeros and his subordinates in the early years of the 2190 decade for the Caribbean Convention. Few people heard about this Reploid, and his whereabouts are unknown.



A Reploid in the author's gallery that might be Mantra, hinted by the pink shine in his hand.

Kran and Kerbekeros reunited at the labs in the Arashiha Citadel and started researching how the Reploid consciousness worked and how the memory bank could be accessed by an exterior agent. After spending months on intense test sessions, they ended up creating an extremely complex device, the Soulstream Exchanger, dubbed Soul Ex, that grants acess of others' body specifications to a Reploid by creating a connection with the energy flux in their bodies through contact, but it needed to last hours to give a full acess to someone's mind. Then, they decided to create a Reploid specially adapted to bear this device, called Mantra, and armed him with their best combat technologies. However, Kerbekeros took Mantra for himself to get all the credit and banished Kran from Arashiha. Later, Kran would give the blueprints of the first version of the Soul Ex to Saturn, who tried to improve the system and used it to make Doppelganger in 2193.


The current state of Mantra's capabilities are unknown, but it can be assumed that he is a very strong Reploid. He might be able to manipulate energy and mass like Kran's Counterstrike Mirrors and also have a resistance similar to Kerbekeros.

Soulstream ExchangerEdit

By the time of the events of Mega Man X: Unit 49, the original Soulstream Exchanger must have been enhaced to a wide range of possibilities, from a faster acess to mind control. 

In its essence, the edge of Soul Ex generates a wispy rose energy aura in the shape of a flame, and pierces the body of Reploids without any noticeable harm, until it touches any energy circulation. By blending the vital energy flow with the Soul Ex, the bearer can send, drain or exchange energy with the other person, obtaining any information in the middle of the chosen path. Although the extracted information is mostly useless specifications of the internal parts, the bearer can learn their DNA and, if the contact has lasted enough, even bits of information inside coming from their minds. What makes the Soul Ex a groundbreaking invention is that not even New Generation Reploids with their copy ability can know whats inside the mind of a copied Reploid, because that's not related with their DNA program, at most a default personality.


  • In sanskrit, the word मंत्र rooted (man-tra) can be interpreted as mind-control.