This article is only about Lumine's participation in Mega Man X: Unit 49. To see Lumine's general information in the Mega Man franchise, click here.  

Lumine is a New Generation Reploid and the person appointed to be director of the Jakob Project, which streamlined the carriage of people and resources to the space, a crucial step to colonize the Moon. However, Lumine revealed that the new kind of Reploids have turned Maverick-at-will because they have the  DNA program of several old Reploids in their Copy Chip, including Sigma, and his philosophy of evolution somehow influenced their rebellion. Lumine claims that Sigma has fulfiled his purpose and the Maverick Hunters could not stop what has already begun.

Upon his defeat, Lumine created tentacles of the amorphic matter used in transformations to hit Axl and apparently implanted a shard in his crystal before Mega Man X shot him for good. Axl was put in comatose for weeks, and his consciousness wasn't fully restored up to the events of Prologue: Doomsday. In the same chapter, it is shown that Axl is having frequent "nightmares" with Lumine repeatedly talking about the evolution of the Reploids. Shad found his body in the R&D Lab and took him to Saturn's laboratories, where his Engineers started to study the shard and its effects on Axl. Days later, in Nightly Torments, Herbie discovered a way to somehow feed the shard, which is corrupting and exchanging Axl's DNA with Lumine's.