Layer as she appears in Mega Man X8.
Comic Information
First Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Last Appearance Prologue: Doomsday
Personal Information
Species: Reploid
Gender: Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Green
Combat Information
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Maverick Hunters
17th Elite Unit
Position: Navigator
Allies: Maverick Hunters
Enemies: Maverick Forces

Layer's Sprite

Layer is one of the three Navigators since Mega Man X8. Layer is a Navigator specialized in Reploid and Mechaniloid development. Her high processing power allows her to quickly analyze scan data sent back by Hunters in the field and determine a target's strengths and weaknesses (This explains how Layer managed to analyze the three Mavericks even with the jamming in Prologue: Doomsday).

Layer tries to keep cool and professional while working, but she seems to get a flustered when working with Zero, indicating she could have a crush on him. They get closer after Vile's defeat.


After Jakob's IncidentEdit

Layer is Zero's Navigator in the beginning of Prologue: Doomsday, after analyzing the short and damaged data the Hunters could send, she noticed that they have the exact same DNA, as if they were perfect clones. When Zero crashes his Ride Chaser with Maverick's, she expressed concern.

During Operation Doomsday, Layer was one of the few survivors, even being trapped in the wreckage and having beyond-repair damages along with Pallette.

Layer didn't make any appearance since then.

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