Feel the wrath of the Thunder God!
— Kerbekeros, Parade
KerbekerosArtcKerbekeros as he appears
in Mega Man X: Unit 49.
Comic Information
First Appearance Parade
Personal Information
Alternate Name NH2183 KER-bkr05
Thunder God
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Age 9+
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65 kg
327 kg (with Raijin Armor)
Eye Color: Red
Creations: Raijin Armor
Raijin Stingers
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: Raijin Stingers
Energy Manipulation: Electricity
Equipment: Raijin Armor
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Neo Maverick Army
Position: General

Kerbekeros' Sprite.

NH2183 KER-bkr05 A.K.A. Lord Kerbekeros or simply Keros is one of the main antagonists of Mega Man X: Unit 49. He is a wealthy robot architect of the black market, embed in a massive armor that grants him unrelenting power. He became the main general of the Neo Maverick Army and was convinced by Saturn to cede his massive fortress Arashiha Citadel to be the main headquarters of the army.


Lord Kerbekeros is a sulky maniac for upgrades, probably even more obsessive than the leader of the Neo Maverick Army, Saturn. Because of that obsession, he constantly needs to research new technologies and buy any part that could be useful from the black market, and the result of this accumulation of power, metal scrap and madness is the Raijin Armor, which Keros believes makes him closer to achieve a godhood after every upgrade and will use that to impose his rule over everything. Due to that arrogance, sometimes he goes to combat without even testing his new parts believing it will work, and he also treats people roughly and threatens to use force everytime someone disagrees with his ideas and proposals or make him angered, even his allies. Considering his movements are too slow due to all the weight of his armor, Keros won't move a finger if a friend is in danger, at best only give a warning. Aside from that presumption, Keros is an excellent opportunist and induces situations that will open the best breach for him to strike.


Keros has a few resemblances to the thunder god of the japanese mythology Raijin. In his normal form, the parts corresponding to his skin are red and white, which are the most common colors in the artistic conceptions. In his head, a blonde lock of hair covering his forehead, while a mask covers his mouth. 

Raijin Armor and StingersEdit

White predominates in his Raijin Armor, contrasting with the dark blue of the ends and least protected limbs, while the shiny gold of his antlers and the red sashes in his back stay as middle ground. 

The six Raijin Stingers attached to his back are his main weapons, being able to resist the most intense voltages (or at least were supposed to). They are the counterpart of the floating circle with the crests that the actual Raijin carries in his back.


Between the starting members of the N.M. Army (Kerbekeros, Kran and Baronel), he was the only one who did not alter his body enough to be unreconaizable by the Maverick Hunters. For that reason, Keros has been identified as a "civillian" reploid, although the strongest of the three.

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Maverick SpringEdit


NH2183 KER-bkr05 was supposedly a common civilian reploid that somehow became involved with criminals and the black market, and later was driven to a obsession for upgrades. He adopted the codiname Kerbekeros as a reference to his series number, although   After gathering enough resources, he started to develop his own technologies and weapons, putting everything on a single gear: the Raijin Armor.


Read about the Mantra project in this article.

After the Jakob's IncidentEdit

Kerbekeros was convinced by Saturn to make part of his conspiracy, offering him the second highest position in the Neo Maverick Army.


Being the last one to reach the battlefield, Kerbekeros showed his power knocking all the members of the 49th Unit with a single lightning shockwave, power so grand his own Stingers couldn't bear the voltage and fried. After this, Kerbekeros stayed in the area only to watch the conclusion of the battle.


  • Kerbekeros is sometimes referred simply as "Keros" and that shortened name is used in his personal creations, such as Mantra. The name Keros can be seen as a reference to the word Kairos (καιρός), which stands for both climate and opportune moment. Keros wants to become invincible through his Raijin Armor, which is a japanese god of climate along with Fuujin. At the same time, Keros is the main strategist of the Neo Maverick operations held in Arashiha and is an opportunist even in his personal life. He waits for the right moment to act and achieve his goal, and his opportunism goes over any friendship or loyalty.
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