Four jammers attached to the main computer of the Iberian Castle Sewers.

The Jammers are machines created by an enigmatic Dealer from the black market and frequently used by the Neo Maverick Army to disrupt signals and teleports in areas they perform their activities, leaving their targets unable to escape.

Thousands of times more powerful than normal jammers, they emmit waves of several different frequences carrying corrupted and garbled data, with a special property that causes interference in all kinds of electromagnetic waves, sometimes even light.


The corrupted waves can pierce the energy beam that carries the information and DNA data of the Reploids when they are teleporting, having a high risk of damaging essential data and thus making internal devices inoperable or, at the worst cases, preventing the Reploids from materializing correctly and releasing all the energy inside the beam, causing a massive explosion.

The jammers can also harm nearby Reploids since the concentrated waves can pierce their systems and mind while it causes a similar effect the radiation does for humans, such as headaches, nausea and hallucinations.



Alia loses contact with Mega Man X and Zero.

Operation DoomsdayEdit

The jammers have been acquired by the Neo Maverick Army before the events of Mega Man X: Unit 49 and were activated near the main headquarters of the Maverick Hunters in Prologue: Doomsday right after the mysterious Maverick trio managed to destroy Zero's Ride Chaser. The strong waves caused a malfunction in the base systems and interrupted the communication between Alia and the Hunters, which resulted in a explosion right after. X and Zero had to come back with X's Ride Chaser to avoid being damaged by the jammers mid-teleport.

Iberian CastleEdit

Kran and his crew were waiting a package of four jammers to install them in the Iberian Castle area, but the delivery man was killed by The Rats and the package was brought to the depths of the castle sewers and the jammers were attached to the main computer. Zero cuts them in a half to stop the jamming and takes one to the base for analysis.