IllusionArtc Illusion as he appears in Mega Man X: Unit 49.
Comic Information
First Appearance Royal Blockades
Personal Information
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Eye Color: Dark Green
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: Beam Katar
Secondary Weapons: Mirage Engine
Energy Manipulation: Light
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Maverick Hunters
Rank: A-Class Hunter
Allies: Ying

Illusion's Sprite

Illusion is a Maverick Hunter of the 33th Tactical Intrusion Team that plays a secondary role in Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2 and onwards. Along with his partners Ying and Falsetto, they agreed to attach their Unit with the 49th Special Pursuit Squad 8 to fight the Neo Maverick Army. Illusion is a cold stealth Hunter that tries his best to help his team complete the infiltration missions unperceived.


Illusion is equipped with a dark blue armor, embed with the red crystals of his Mirage Engine. He wears a tiara under his dark purple hair that complements the necessary emmiters for his invisibility cloak.


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