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Forgotten Monstrosity is the thirteenth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1 and second boss fight of the series.

Blue Knight and Snacman are very close to the main computers of Castechno Inc., but someone left the alarms turned on and they trigger it. A damaged RT-93H ascends from a hidden place and appears to the Hunters, confused. Snacman shoots his head, infuriating the mechaniloid and getting hit by him right after. RT-93H would attack blindly and causing unnecessary damage if his main camera was shutdown, so they try to disable him while dodging his attacks.

Both Blue Knight and Snacman manage to hit RT with their sabers.

After taking serious damage, Blue Knight decides to use his Ice Buster to freeze RT-93H, envolving his leg with a red aura previously seen in Parade and easily destroying RT's arm.

After one more attack of the giant, Blue Knight overcharges his K-Saber and leave a hole on its chest, which was filled with an energy shot of Snacman. X and Zero are impressed with Blue Knight's abilities and wonder why such a powerful Reploid is in a medium-level Unit. Blue Knight and Snacman destroy the main computers so no one will ever reactivate the systems of Castechno Inc. with evil intentions.