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Factory Problems is the twelfth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1.

Continuing directly from Cat and Mice's tragical ending, X and Zero return to the base, frustrated with the catastrophic result of their mission. They proceed to the R&D Lab to be repaired and send the destroyed jammers to analysis. Blue Knight and Snacman jump on the teleporter to be sent to the interior of Castechno Inc., and Nora advises them that the jamming leaves corrupted traces even after being deactivated, so she can't get the right coordinates.

Meanwhile, Captain Elika starts a transmission with the 41th Unit and discovers that only a single Hunter is there, his name is Trickster. Trickster says that he's some kind of New Gen Prototype, like Axl, and his partners were complete New Gens. At some point, they tried to kill Trickster saying he was part of the "metal scrap to be left behind", but Trickster somehow managed to fight them and inevitably had to wipe them out.

Blue Knight and Snacman fight a Florete and a Shield Thug.

Back to the mission, Blue Knight and Snacman proceed deep into the factory, defeating Kran's soldiers and units produced by Castechno that had their AI templates replaced. Alia tells them about RT-93H, a giant mechaniloid that was one of the reasons that led the closure of the factory by the Earth's Government. The two eventually reach the vandalized area of the factory and have to jump on dangerous grabbers to reach the other site, they fall in a trap and one of the pillars that was holding the conveyor belt is destroyed and they almost lose their lives in molten metal.