Coat of Arms Earth

Coat of arms of the Earth's Army.

The Earth's Army (also mentioned as Earth Army or Earth Forces) is a military organization idealized by the councilor Raffould and approved by the Council as a desperate measure to protect the planet from the newest world threat. The objective of the project is raising an automated Reploid army under the command of the twelve councillors to protect the divisions while in "lack of Maverick Hunters", then preventing any future Maverick raids. Alain says in a press conference that the Government can't fund the army all at once without starting a crisis, since they're using the latest technology available, so the number of units at hand will grow progressively. That will take around one month.

The soldiers are divided in several classes and ranks, but are all equiped with similar combat A.I.s, accompanied of a virus resistance system that "refreshes" their DNA program after every maintenance to reset any possible changes, although its effectiveness is questionable. They cannot obey orders other than sentient and authorized officers related to the Government. 

Captain Elika points out that a war between the Earth Forces at full scale and the Neo Maverick Army would cause massive damage to the planet, so they need to strike the heart of the Maverick forces and stop the war before that happens.