The Council members reunited at the Winter Base.

Earth's Government
 or Earth's Council when referred to its highest members, is the organization composed by the governors of the world and their employees. It is unknown since when they are rulling, but it's been more than 30 years (The Council, along with Dr.Cain founded the Maverick Hunters.[1])


The following members compose the 2190s decade council.

Blue WingEdit

The Blue Wing division was created by Alain's father after the first reploids were introduced to the world. Following their ideology, their actions prioritize the social equality and peace between humans and reploids, and find unethical and corrupt to hide things from the population, saying the least euphemisms possible.

Red WingEdit

The Red Wing is what remained from the old government, the members of this division refused to socially accept reploids as equals to humans, fearing their destruction potential. Lead by Raffould, they are more conservative and treat reploids as if they were still in the Robot Masters era, when robots were used as helpers, tools or even weapons, but they don't show these thoughts in public.



Alain's father, member of the Government, after long discussions and internal conflicts about the reploids, divides the Council in two parts: Blue Wing and Red Wing.


The Earth Council demands that Dr. Cain, creator of the reploids, establish an organization with combat reploids to solve and/or eliminate the recurring Maverick issues.


Even knowing it would disturb the development of the Moon colonies, the Government orders to halt the production of the copy chips, implanted in the New Generation Reploids. 

After the Operation DoomsdayEdit

When the news about the Operation Doomsday reached Alain's ears, he imediatelly called all the Council members to reunite in the Winter Base, located in the mountains far to the south of the American continent. Raffould proposes and wordplays the council about the creation of a massive reploid army under the command of each member of the council. Without any other option, his project is accepted, even with some of them (Takahiro) disagreeing. 

One and a half day later, they convoke a press conference to announce the Army to the world, the Red Wing representative shows his disgust on the Maverick Hunters and other independent police units, while the Blue Wing representative advises that the project is going to progress slowly to prevent an economical crisis, reminding many factors that prevent the Government to rush, one of them is that the population of the Moon still has no total autonomy, depending on the Government.


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