Preceeded by Season 1, the second arc of Mega Man X: Unit 49 is reffered as Season 2. Next: Season 3.


Henry's Diary

During the battle against Kran, Snacman revealed a power capable of absorbing enormous quantities of energy and saved X and Zero. To understand that, Nora decided to unseal the room with all the files from Dr. Henry Snacman, Platina's late husband, and investigate the data about the Reploid boy. What they did not expect to find in Henry's files was a vast diary telling many things about himself and Saturn.

Second sub-arc

Not revealed yet.

List of Season 2 chaptersEdit

Sub-arc: Henry's Diary

  1. Unsealing the Past
  2. Troublemaking Prodigy
  3. Ms. Roemer
  4. Awareness
  5. Loop of Meanings
  6. Berserk
  7. A Triumph Before The Disaster
  8. The Chosen Heir
  9. Ineluctable Demise

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