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Mysterious Man and Saturn talking while The Engineers finish D1's construction.

Birth of a Plagiarist is the fifteenth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1.

The chapter starts with Saturn and the Mysterious Man inside an elevator talking about infiltrating Saturn's new War Machine in the Earth's Government, then Saturn mentions his new creation is equipped with an information deviced similar to Mantra's. Seeing the man didn't know about this, Saturn tells him about Mantra. The Keros-Luthier Number 001 Mantra was a joint project of Kerbekeros and Kran for the Caribbean Convention of that year, but their objective was too complex and they couldn't finish it in time. Mantra would be equipped with the Soulstream Exchanger, a device that could give, drain or exchange energy with other Reploids, creating a link between them and giving him access to the information of their bodies (specifications, DNA, etc.) and their minds. In that time, hours of contact were necessary to grant the bear of the Soul Ex a full access. Kerbekeros banished Kran from his laboratory for unknown reasons and took Mantra for himself. Later, Kran still accepted to join the Neo Maverick Army on Kerbekeros' side and gave the blueprints of the Soul Ex to Saturn. The Mysterious Man says such a treacherous man shouldn't have so much influence in the N.M. Army.

Later, Saturn meets Dave and Herbie and they are finishing to weld D1's hand. The Mysterious Man considers that D1 could be influenced by other ideologies when absorbing data of minds and eventually betray them, but Saturn replies saying D1 is a hollow shell made to obey his orders, and would manipulate people using their own feelings if it was necessary. Then, Saturn activates SWM 02 D1 Doppelganger.