The Amorphic Matter is the strange material that is mixed with the metal used in all of the New Generation Reploids and their prototypes. It was developed by the most competent molecular scientists of the Research and Development of Reploids Bureau in the 2180's under the demand of the Earth's Government to hasten the recovery of Earth's surface after the fall of the space colony Eurasia.




The 659th test with the amorphic matter performed by RaDoRB fails and the mass becomes highly unstable.

Considered the holy grail of the shapeshifting machine designers, the substance reacts and changes its physical aspects in several ways when estimulated by certain apparatus. In its essence, the amorphic matter is a black and unstable mass. It must be contained inside a vessel to prevent accidents such as a violent volume expansions.

Later, the transformations would be driven by an apparatus called Copy Chip, an internal component of the New Gen that could manipulate their DNA program. This way, the machines could perform the Amorphic Transformation or A-Trans

New Generation ReploidsEdit

In 2183, the first successful models made with the amorphic matter were developed. The enthusiasm with the technology moved many sectors of the RaDoRB and many robot engineers created their own prototypes. The first prototype could morph only one limb, and later they would be upgraded to morph their whole body, as the current New Gen does. However, the organization was under a new transparency policy thanks to the events of Berserk, and the news reached the wrong ears. Some prototypes have been lost during Maverick attacks, and they supposedly escaped during the turmoil or have been smuggled to the black market for a very high price. Other prototypes may have been kidnapped by bounty hunters and companies that were also doing industrial espionage on the Amorphic Matter. Some of the known prototypes that disappeared from RaDoRB are Axl and Trickster.

Other usesEdit

During the researches to develop the New Generation Reploids, some gadgets have been created with the amorphic matter. Dr. Henry Snacman adapted some of these to create the amorphic packs for his wife, Platina. The amorphic packs can morph into weapons larger weapons, this way it's possible to carry an entire arsenal within a very compact space, although they are very heavy.


  • The tentacles released by Lumine in the ending of Mega Man X8 are made of amorphic matter. It is implied that he tried to plant a "shard" of his DNA by hitting Axl's crystal.

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