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A Triumph Before The Disaster is the seventh chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.

Dated January of 2183, Dr. Henry Snacman's note shows that Saturn was telling the truth and leaked all the secrets about the crimes commited by RaDoRB to the world, staining the reputation of the senior officers and the organization itself forever. Because of that, the Council required more transparency from the internal administrative procedures and appointed a new director, that emphasized the long-term research of the molecular scientists on the Amorphic Matter. However, that transparency allowed the news about the technology to reach the wrong ears and the headquarters was attacked many times, and some of the prototypes disappeared.


The original 49th Unit.

Around 2184, Saturn reappeared in the Republic of the North America with Paragos 0 and two new War Machines, Knight and Suction. He performed sporadic tests of their upgrades by attacking government buildings. Seeing that Saturn became a real threat, Signas appointed four high-skilled policial Reploids and a Navigator specialized in tracking to form the 49th Unit of Maverick Hunters, the Special Pursuit Squad 8. Henry sent a few funds he earned from his prostheses patent for the construction of their base.

Captain Elika, Rubre, Liutenant Frosch, Rott and Nora acted in several missions against Saturn and his War Machines, but their fights always ended in a stalemate.


Rott's shotgun pierces through Saturn's body.

Six years later, on November 24th of 2186, Nora discovered an abandoned city near a ravine, in the Nevada region, that was being used as a sanctuary for Mavericks, and the U49 managed to find Saturn alone.

Even though they were requested to arrest Saturn, they decided to kill him because he would never find redemption and prison would be a blessing for him. They used all their weapons to brutally kill him, dropping him on the abyss below. Rubre was not convinced and said that they should go down there and dispose of any remains. However, Frosch was fearing they had already attracted unwanted attention and it was best to fall back, while Elika was happy and optimist about their success.

After an undetermined time, a scene out of Henry's diary shows Saturn raising his hand while a strange entity appears before him.